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The best integrations for your Webflow site

the best free webflow widgets for your website

For 8 years now Elfsight have been shaping the most useful premium plugins for Webflow. Elfsight plugins allow you to grow conversion, unite your website with social networks or answer any other questions, which appear with the most of business websites.

We present different pricings: from free to premium. We want to give your business a chance to grow together with our team and reach an impressive pitch.

What makes Elfsight Webflow plugins one of the best?

To demonstrate that integrations by our team is what you definitely should test, we have made a collection of benefits, which make them maintain leading places among competitors:

  • Free setting help;
  • Fully adaptive on all devices;
  • No development expertise required;
  • Diverse user options of the templates;
  • Clear user interface;
  • Cloud solution for high loading speed;
  • Systematic automatic updates;
  • Professional support with any issues.

Discover all good points of Elfsight plugins using the free option or buy the desired integration with a 20% discount.

How to integrate the plugin on Webflow websites

You can see more info about the creation of a particular integration on the plugin page.

  1. Go to your widget and set it in the editor
  2. Insert widget code into your website (into the code of the page or the template: sidebar, footer, etc. )
  3. Installation is successfully finished!

Require free help in shaping your Webflow integration? Didn’t manage to do the displaying of the plugin? Simply contact our support center, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

How can I embed the widgets into my Webflow template

You are free to integrate the widgets into your site. Simply open the admin board and follow these steps:

  1. Click theme settings;
  2. Select the block where you want to implement the widget on;
  3. Paste your code from the Elfsight Apps and save the modifications.
  4. You’re done.

What Webflow versions and themes can be integrated with the widget?

The widgets can be implemented any options themes of the Webflow website. We will grant you a substantial efficiency of the tools.

Where will I be able to alter or add new Elfsight widgets?

All our clients will be able to take all required amendments in the settings in the initiative Elfsight editor.

Can I talk to Help team when I have some questions about service?

All our customers have an opportunity to message our highly qualified Our Support experts to ask for a recommendation on the settings and integration of our solutions.

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